Seems To Me Like Kim Kardashian Basically Stole Her Friend’s Bearded Dragon And Now North Is Dressing It In Matching Outfits

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Kelly Marie Tran Learned Not To “Internalize Misogyny Or Racism” In Therapy After Abuse From “Star Wars” Trolls

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Asian Military Spending: A Sign of Worsening Security Environment

With no guarantee that the security environment in the Indo-Pacific will settle down any time soon,…

Myanmar After the Coup

Military leaders in Myanmar aim to project an air of “business as usual.” The realities on…

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Order Some Cheesecakes From The Cheesecake Factory And We’ll Guess Your Favorite Color With Astounding Accuracy

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Fukushima Chief: No Need to Extend Decommissioning Target

Despite recent setbacks, the head of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says the goal to fully decommission…

Myanmar Coup and the Aftermath

Tin Tin Nyo, Gerard McCarthy, and Yun Sun discuss the coup in Myanmar and where the…

US Decries Release of Kyrgyz ‘Crime Boss’ Kolbaev

Since 2014, the U.S. has offered a $1 million reward to information leading to the disruption…

COVID-19 Threatens to Waste India’s Demographic Dividend

The impacts of the pandemic on India’s youth threaten to last for years to come, undoing…

Plus Ça Change: Biden’s Emerging Foreign Policy

Saudi Arabia and Myanmar offer early glimpses of how U.S. foreign policy under the new administration…

What Is the CPPCC Anyway?

Your guide to the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, just in time for its annual session…

Islamic State Claims Killing of 3 Female Media Workers in Afghanistan

The slayings of the women are part of a larger spike in targeted killings in Afghanistan…

INDOPACOM Commander Outlines 4 Focus Areas in New Speech

Admiral Phil Davidson’s March 1 address presents a robust plan to deter China in the Indo-Pacific…

Kyrgyzstan Tumbles in Freedom of the World Ranking

On the back of its October 2020 upheaval and the ensuring political drama, Kyrgyzstan fell into…

South Korea’s Cryptocurrency Craze

Can a cryptocurrency boom in South Korea give a boost for a centralized digital currency?

Is an “Alliance of Alliances” Around AI Feasible?

The newly released final report of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence is rich in…

Indian Air Force Takes Part in Multination Exercise Hosted by UAE

India’s participation in the Desert Flag VI provides an additional data point illustrating the country’s deepening…

As Myanmar Crisis Grows, Dispute Breaks Out Over Country’s UN Seat

The coup has given way to to a dispute over who should represent Myanmar at the…

Michael Brosowski on Vietnam’s Trafficking Challenge

Like many businesses, human traffickers quickly recalibrated to the realities of COVID-19.

Rohingya Risk Being Forgotten in Global Vaccination Drive

The world should make extra efforts to ensure that vaccines are distributed to Rohingya refugee populations.

In One Australian State, Trade With China Is Still Booming

Australia’s minerals trade has been divided almost clean in half by the country’s trade spat with…

ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meet to Discuss Myanmar Crisis

The results were predictably lackluster, but it’s too early to write off ASEAN’s efforts on Myanmar.

Africa: COVAX Publishes First Round of Allocations

[Unicef] Geneva/Oslo/New York — The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (Gavi)…

Now This Is Weird, But I Can Guess The First Letter Of Your Name Based On Your Totally Random Food Preferences

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I’m Not Saying You’re A Bad Cook, But If You’ve Done 15/21 Of These Things, It’s Not Looking Good

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Dolly Parton Has Received A Dose Of The COVID Vaccine She Helped To Fund

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What Do the US and China Want From Africa?

As the Biden administration starts a rumored review of U.S. Africa policy, the China factor will…

Britney Spears Posted A Rare Picture With Her Boys, And 1) They’re Huge Now And 2) Nothing Makes Me Happier Than This

Nothing, and I mean nothing, makes me happier than seeing Britney with her boys. View Entire…

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Cook An Evening Meal And We’ll Tell You Which “Inside Out” Character You Are

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Daniel Combs on Truth, Money, and Power Before and After the Myanmar Coup

History may seem to be repeating, but the Myanmar of 2021 is crucially different from the…

The US-China Trade War Is Still Happening

Four years and a new president later, U.S. tariffs on Chinese products remain.

Japarov Makes State Visit to Kazakhstan, Meets With Tokayev and Nazarbayev

The core purpose of Japarov’s visit was to make the personal connections that form the lifeblood…

Sri Lanka Approves New Port Development With India and Japan

Weeks after scrapping a deal with India and Japan, Sri Lanka says the pair can develop…

The ‘China Model’ Is Expanding in Hong Kong

There are new signs of Hong Kong’s internet, legal, and press systems following in Beijing’s footsteps.

Chinese Vaccines Sweep Much of the World, Despite Concerns

China has pledged roughly half a billion doses of its vaccines to more than 45 countries.

Billions of US Dollars Wasted in Afghanistan

The United States poured billions into building stuff in Afghanistan, but much of it has been…

South Korea, US Prepare to Conduct Joint Military Exercise 

Between talks with North Korea and the COVID-19 pandemic, this will reportedly be the third year…

India and Pakistan: More of the Same Ahead?

Whether the February 25 recommitment to a ceasefire by both sides yields lasting peace remains to…

Could North Korea Soon Field Advanced Stealth Drones?

North Korea’s ruling party wants modern military drones for strike and recon missions. A close defense…

Why Khazanah Nasional Just Bailed Out Malaysia Airlines

Sometimes the state has an interest in controlling firms in critical sectors like transportation, even if…

Cambodian Court Sentences Opposition Leader to Heavy Prison Term

Sam Rainsy and eight former CNRP officials have been accused of seeking to overthrow the Cambodian…

North Korea Ordered to Pay $2.3 Billion Over Pueblo Incident

Government-appointed “special master” says crew members suffered long-lasting aftereffects, both psychological and physical.

ASEAN Prepares to Convene First Meeting on Myanmar Crisis

The Southeast Asian bloc is being asked to prove its diplomatic mettle in a fast-moving and…

Here’s Absolutely Everything You Missed If You Forgot To Watch The 2021 Golden Globes

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Uzbekistan Needs a Navruz for Human Rights

Tashkent’s continued authoritarian habits undermine positive steps.

Gal Gadot Is Pregnant!

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I Am Genuinely Curious If You Think Netflix’s Top-Ranked Shows Of 2020 Were Good Or Just Time-Killers

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