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39 Valentine’s Day Gifts For When You’re Totally In Love, But Broke

If you’d like your special someone to open up something special on Valentine’s Day, these inexpensive…

Armie Hammer’s Ex Just Did An Interview Where She Shared More Disturbing Details Of Their Relationship

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I Bet We Can Guess Your Age Based On The Potatoes You Eat For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

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What’s Ahead for China’s Space Program in 2021?

From a Mars mission to the beginnings of a new space station, this year will be…

The Trump Administration’s Final China Push

The Trump administration in its waning hours took more aggressive measures against Beijing. Has it locked…

The Famous Guys You Find Attractive And Unattractive Will Determine Your Age

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Mind the Remote Learning Gap in ASEAN

As a result of COVID-19, the educational gap is expected to widen across ASEAN.

Artificial Intelligence Collaboration in Asia’s Security Landscape

AI represents an emerging area of regional security collaboration in spite of its inherent challenges.

Taiwan Tightens COVID-19 Regulations Amid String of Hospital Infections

Taiwan is working to contain a domestic outbreak and maintain its remarkable success in containing the…

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35 Products That’ll Make Cleaning Way Easier In 2021

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US Senate Confirms Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense

He becomes the first African American to hold that office.

The Aesthetics You’re Drawn To Will Accurately Reveal Your Age

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Faith in Fakes: What a ‘Khamenei Tweet’ About Trump Actually Tells Us

To understand the disinformation epidemic, start with the late Umberto Eco’s novels

2 Films Offer 2 Tales of Wuhan Lockdown Ahead of 1-Year Anniversary

A government-sanctioned look back at the early fight against COVID-19 differs sharply from a documentary directed…

China’s Ocean Policy Specialist to Miss Out on 20th Central Committee

Liu Cigui’s promotion from Hainan party secretary effectively takes him out of the running for the…

Déjà Vu All Over Again in Pakistan

Pakistan’s opposition alliance accuses the ruling party of being close to India and Israel, as its…

The Pitfalls of the China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment

Two of Europe’s important partners, India and the U.S., share concerns about the new deal.

To Confront the Future, the US Congress Should Look to Its Past

Technology is playing a central role in the political challenges of our times. It is not…

Leading Thai Opposition Politician Charged With Royal Defamation

Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit had criticized a COVID-19 vaccine procurement deal involving a company owned by the Thai…

The Mendiola Massacre: Decades on, Philippines Land Reform Remains Mired in Blood

“The interests of the peasants and landowning politicians can never be reconciled,” says one activist.

Indonesia Urges Myanmar to Create Safe Conditions for Rohingya Repatriation

Conditions in Rakhine State are unlikely to be amenable to the safe return of refugees any…

Post-Pandemic Southeast Asia Faces a Crisis of Authoritarianism

History tells us that people rebel not when things are worst, but when hopes of improvements…

Cardi B Joked She Was Supposed To Perform “WAP” At Joe Biden’s Inauguration After It “Pissed Off A Whole Bunch Of Republicans”

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Africa: Experts Call for Stronger UK-Africa Collaboration

[This Day] A panel of experts has called for a stronger collaboration between the United Kingdom…

A Woman Is Going Viral For Sharing How A Man Shamed Her For Not Sleeping With Him, And Her Message Is So Important

“This is how adults date.” No, sir, it’s not. View Entire Post ›

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Here’s How Newspapers Around The World Reacted To Joe Biden’s Inauguration

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In Hong Kong, COVID-19 and Racism Make an Ugly Mix

In Hong Kong, the pandemic has fanned the flames of a more silent epidemic: systematic racism. 

Mongolia’s Prime Minister Offers Shock Resignation Amid Protests

Instability roils Mongolia’s political apparatus in the midst of a global pandemic.

China’s Hypocrisy on America’s Democracy

The Global Times’ narrative on the events of January 6 and beyond conveniently avoids any need…

Sea Vigil: India’s Coastal Security Exercise

Given India’s vast coastline and a not-so-benign neighborhood, India has to remain vigilant to external threats…

Report Repudiates Trump Officials’ Claims About US and Ladakh

A January 19 news article by a well-connected Indian journalist calls recent claims to question.

UN: Pandemic, Surging Food Prices Leave Many in Asia Hungry

Across Asia, high prices for fruits, vegetables, and dairy products have made it “nearly impossible” for…

Quad Plus Canada Participate in Anti-Sub War Exercise

Sea Dragon is likely to bother China – and not just because of the moniker.

Biden Administration Makes Early Outreach to Taiwan

For the first time since 1979, Taiwan’s representative in the U.S. received an official invitation to…

27 Products That Have Wild Before-And-After Photos *And* Are Under $25

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In Lifting Trump Travel Bans, Biden Removes Visa Restrictions on Kyrgyzstan

Some travel restrictions remain due to COVID-19, but Kyrgyzstan is no longer subject to a direct…

India-Japan Cyber Cooperation: From Strength to Strength

Both Tokyo and New Delhi share common concerns about China – including on cyberspace.

Africa: Amnesty and FA Launch Guide for Increasing Refugee Women’s Participation in Football

[AI London] Amnesty International UK, in partnership with the English Football Association, have today launched a…

Philippines Ends Accord Barring State Forces From National University

Allowing military and police forces to enter University of the Philippines campuses could put students and…

Why Karang Singa Matters to Indonesia’s Sovereignty

Indonesia cannot afford to waste any more time in taking measures to safeguard its sovereignty over…

Leaked Vietnamese Personnel Appointments Show Diversions From Norm

Reported appointments suggest that informal but long-held norms have been sacrificed in order to preserve party…

Biden Administration to Probe Rohingya Genocide Claim

What would it mean for the U.S. government to official declare the Myanmar atrocities “genocide”?

‘Timber Mafia’ from India Running Amok in Bhutan

Illegal logging is depleting forest cover in the region, aggravating the fallout from climate change.

The Global Reach of China’s Venture Capital

Chinese VC investment has been excluded from India but is growing in South and Southeast Asia.…

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Trump Left A Note For Biden At The White House, So Naturally Twitter Meme-ified It

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China Bids Farewell to Trump Administration’s ‘Lies and Madness’

China’s Foreign Ministry hit a group of outgoing officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, with…