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We Can Guess Your Zodiac Sign 9 Times Out Of 10 Just Based On Your Ice Cream Preferences

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45 Products For Anyone Who Wants To Cheat At Life

Get ready to never not cook your pasta in the microwave again. View Entire Post ›

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Bebe Rexha Shut Down A Gross Man Who Exposed Himself On Her Instagram Live

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Order Some Food From Chipotle And We’ll Reveal Who Has A Crush On You

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The Continuing Mystery of the Belt and Road

There are still competing theories and explanations of what China’s signature foreign policy platform actually means.

The UK to Head East of Suez: Power Projection or Search for Trade?

As the HMS Queen Elizabeth and its entourage departs Portsmouth later this year, it will take…

India’s Government Focuses on Internal Migrants, At Last

A new policy framework is the first attempt to systematically address the many issues that plague…

Biden Should Embrace South Korea’s Strategic Nondecision on the Quad

If the U.S. can seek cooperation without pushing South Korea directly into the U.S.-China crossfire, why…

I Will Be Screaming About The “WandaVision” Finale For The Foreseeable Future, So Here Are 27 Details I Spotted

Truly, I weep every time Wanda Maximoff is on screen. View Entire Post ›

Patrick J. Adams Defended Friend And Costar Meghan Markle In A Series Of Heartfelt Tweets

Hey, the Crown? Your racism is showing. View Entire Post ›

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Taiwan Promotes ‘Freedom Pineapples’ in Response to Chinese Import Ban

The U.S. and Canada are among the countries promoting Taiwanese pineapples after China moved to block…

After a Brutal Week for Myanmar and Hong Kong, the UK Must Take Action

The United Kingdom – as the former colonial ruler in both places – has a special…

New Tokyo Olympic President Tries to Assure Japan on Safety, Even as PM Extends State of Emergency

With polling showing strong opposition to holding the Games this summer and COVID-19 cases holding strong,…

Myanmar Cracked Down Brutally on Protests. It May Get Worse.

Myanmar’s military is banking on the world going no further than “harsh words, some economic sanctions…

This Is So Weird, But We Can Guess Which Season You Were Born In Based On The Colorful Images You Choose

I mean, we have a one in four chance of getting it right… View Entire Post…

Africa: Post-Covid-19 – a Chance to Leapfrog Africa’s Development Through Digitalization

[Africa Renewal] Africa recorded remarkable economic growth in the first 15 years of the 21st century,…

US Defense Secretary Notes Climate Change Focus in Message to Force

Lloyd Austin’s message foregrounds one of the key priorities of the Biden administration for the military.

What’s on the Agenda for China’s National People’s Congress?

This year’s big tasks are finalizing the 14th Five-Year Plan and remaking Hong Kong’s electoral system.

American Views of China Drop to Record Low

A recent poll from Gallup joins a growing body of evidence that China’s global image is…

Australian PM: Quad Leaders’ Summit on the Cards

Media reports suggest that the Biden administration had first proposed such a meeting.

Grassroots Activists Work to Save Remaining Cardamom Mountains Rainforest

The burden of safeguarding the region’s rich resources falls on local environmental groups and a small…

Philippines Admits Police Culpability in Deadly Drug War

An international investigation of extrajudicial killings in the Philippine drug war remains unlikely, even after a…

ASEAN Readies Regional COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

The move is an important step in reviving intra-regional tourism and recovery from the coronavirus recession.

US Imposes Trade Restrictions on Myanmar’s Military Junta

The announcement came two days after at least 38 protesters were shot dead by security forces.

The Final Victory of Nguyen Phu Trong

How Vietnam’s communist party chief earned a surprise third term at this year’s National Congress.

There Are Rumors Jason Sudeikis And Keeley Hazell Are Dating, So I Did An Investigation

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Why FDR Embraced China as a Great Power

Franklin Roosevelt sought to boost China’s global stature, provided it could meet three conditions. How does…

Can Southeast Asia Follow South Korea’s Democratization Model?

Democratic movements in Myanmar and Thailand may face more challenges than South Korea did in the…

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48 Products With Before-And-After Photos So Amazing You’ll Be Tempted To Frame Them For Your Walls

Love a story (a product) with a happy ending (after photos). View Entire Post ›

Does It Matter That the University of Kentucky Closed Its Confucius Institute?

The concerns about Confucius Institutes are well known, but many are manageable. Is closing the institutes…

Photos Show North Korea May Be Trying to Extract Plutonium

In January, Kim vowed to enlarge the North’s nuclear arsenal and disclosed an array of high-tech…

We’ve Been Living With COVID-19 For A Year Now. How Does Your Year Compare To Everyone Else’s?

It’s been 84 years… View Entire Post ›

Migrant Workers Face Dire Conditions at South Korean Farms

The death of a Cambodian worker last year attracted new attention to long-standing problems of overwork,…

Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s Future Uncertain Following Political Upheaval

Khan will seek a vote of confidence from the parliament after his finance minister was defeated…

Vaccine Diplomacy in Central Asia: Russia vs. China?

Can “vaccine diplomacy” change any minds in Central Asia when it comes to the Russia vs.…

Americans Deeply Unhappy with China, New Survey Shows

The Pew Research Center survey shows significant public support for China push-back, especially when it comes…

Lithuania’s Outreach to Taiwan Is Another Blow to China’s Europe Diplomacy

The Baltics, in particular, are more and more skeptical of engagement with Beijing – and sympathetic…

Biden’s New Strategic Guidance: Squaring the Circle?

The Interim National Security Strategic Guidance is refreshingly direct. But how the Biden administration puts it…

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law Clearly Doesn’t Protect Hinduism

The mockery of Hindu deities underscores Pakistan’s Islamist double standard on blasphemy.

Africa: Solar Fridges to Chill Covid-19 Shots in Rural Africa

[SciDev.Net] Nairobi — Solar-powered refrigerators could be a game-changer in Africa’s fight against COVID-19 by helping…

Why Did Thousands of K-Pop Songs Disappear From Spotify?

Kakao Entertainment and the streaming service were unable to reach a licensing extension — just as…

Africa: Rural-Urban Migration Cuts Bush Burning, Air Pollution – Study

[SciDev.Net] Accra — Harmful emissions of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) were reduced in 13 African countries in…

UNESCO Calls for Heritage Assessment for Lao Hydropower Dam

The U.N.’s cultural agency fears that the project might endanger the World Heritage-listed town of Luang…

The Cost of Pakistan’s Dam Obsession

Dams may seem to be a perfect solution to Pakistan’s water woes, but they carry steep…

Do the Myanmar Junta’s New ‘Peace-Making Committees’ Stand Any Chance of Success?

Forging a sustainable nationwide peace was elusive before. It’s even more difficult in the midst of…

Facebook Removes Pages and Accounts Linked to Thailand’s Military

The offending accounts targeted users in southern provinces that are home to a long-running Muslim separatist…

UN: 38 Died on Deadliest Day Yet for Myanmar Coup Opposition

The escalation in the violence has led to increased diplomatic efforts to resolve the political crisis…